I Worry for You, Dear-Poem

I worry for you, dear.

For you never let me in.

You communicate sweet things

with only your eyes and ears.

But your heart is locked away,

and is not tuned to your brain.

I fear for you, love.

For you have many possessions,

and only speak kindly

on people who have what you do.

You have the hearts of those around you,

but you do not ask for help.

I’m concerned for you, friend.

For you treasure what is worldly,

and do not look above.

You forget the words I often tell you.

There are such things

as hope and love.

I’m ashamed of myself.

for the words are so easy and true.

But my friend, I only speak them to you.

My heart is barred to those I do not love.

My lips are sealed, and I am too prideful

to apologize.

So now I speak to those who will listen,

my life would be nothing without Christ.

and instead of worrying, fretting, or forgetting,

we can unbar our hearts,

look to what is above,

and rest in the fact that there is hope and love.

3 thoughts on “I Worry for You, Dear-Poem

  1. What a great poem! One of my favorites!

    Liked by 1 person

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