And So She’s Mad-Poem

A few weeks back I wrote a short poem inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I quite like that poem, but it didn’t resemble the story in exactly the way I wanted it to, so I wrote a slightly longer and a bit more pleasing poem that I will share with you now.


And So She’s Mad


“And so she’s mad,” is what they like to say,

Bubble gum trees with cotton candy leaves

followed her down the rabbit hole.


Her skirt of silver turned to ice.

A striped t-shirt melted to the blue of the sky.

And her ringlets took the shape of a heart.


The Cat of Cheshire rolled over her shoulders,

His grin reflected hers, their golden eyes twinkled.

So is she mad as they say?


The Hatter and the Hare clink cups,

The girl leaps to the throne beside them,

smirking at their cackling.


“Off with their heads!” rings in her ears.

Her toes tap into the forest, and away from the queen.

The caterpillar’s smoke fills her throat and chokes her lungs


“Hello Alice.” He bellows through her brain.

“Are you quite mad, as they say?”

She grins and says with a glint in her eye, “All the best people are.”


I played a lot with the structure of this poem. It changes tenses halfway through from past to present to give the reader a sign that the girl in fact has gone mad. It also rhymes occasionally but not all the time, and some words sound a bit off to ensure her peculiarity. It was a lot of fun to write, and I hope you enjoyed reading it!

3 thoughts on “And So She’s Mad-Poem

  1. I really liked this, Marie!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Clever that you changed tenses!


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